Integrating field survey data for Rome’s Suburbium

→ Dr. Tymon C. A. De Haas

In the project “integrating field survey data for Rome’s Suburbium”, members of three large, long-running archaeological field survey projects and dr. Willem Jongman (University of Groningen) have joined forces with the aim of advancing our understanding of the changing impact of Rome on its hinterland. In concreto, the project aims to integrate the extensive databases of the Suburbium Project carried out by the Università di Roma la Sapienza (prof. Paolo Carafa and dr. Maria Cristina Capanna), the Tiber Valley Project carried out by the British School in Rome (prof. Christopher Smith and dr. Rob Witcher, Durham University), and the Pontine Region Project, an on-going project by the Universities of Groningen (prof. Peter Attema, dr. Martijn van Leusen), Melbourne (dr. Gijs Tol) and Cologne (dr. Tymon de Haas).