Svenja Carolin Neumann

E-Mail: s.c.neumann(at)




Curriculum Vitae


since 2013 Doctoral research student within the Graduate School 1878 „Archäologie vormoderner Wirtschaftsräume”
since 2013 Doctoral research student at the University of Bonn, Department of Classical Archaeology
2012 – 2013 University of Kiel, Christian-Albrechts-Universität, student of Computer Science
2006 – 2012 University of Kiel, Christian-Albrechts-Universität, student of Classical Archaeology, Art History and PedagogySubject of the Master’s Thesis: Kochtopf-Ware aus dem Lampon-Haus in Priene. Die Funde aus der späthellinistischen Erdbebenzerstörung.

Scientific activities

since 2013 Student assistant (Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, Department of Classical Archaeology), responsibilities: developing and processing the image database KiBiDaKA


2008 – 2013 Excavation in the so-called Lampon House in Priene, Turkey
(Activities: processing, documentation and analysis of the archaeological material)
2007 Urban Archaeology Soest
[Activities: graphic and photographic documentation of a grave stone complex, participation in the excavation Jakobi Nötten-Wall Street 15-17 (creating profiles, recovering archaeological material, documentation of findings, implementation of digital surveying)]

Dissertation project

In Between Cultures: Find Contexts, Iconography and Functions of Nolan Amphorae

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Frank Rumscheid, Prof. Dr. Winfried Schenk