PhD students

Els Barnard
Economic systems of daily life in Classic Maya society: A household based approach

Manuel Broich
Modellierung des ökonomischen Potentials der Landwirtschaft im Mittelneolithikum unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Klimas

Èlena Cuijpers
The Manufacture and Distribution of Tiles in Chalkidiki: an Archaeological and Archaeometric Study of the Ceramic Economy in the Archaic and Classical Greek World

Kala Drewniak
Wirtschafts- und Distributionssysteme am westlichen Hellweg während der römischen Kaiserzeit

Hend El-Sayed
Modelling Economic Change In late Medieval Cairo through Religious Architecture

Martina Filosa
Die Wirtschaft- und Finanzverwaltung kirchlicher Institutionen im byzantinischen Reich im Spiegel byzantinischer Bleisiegel (8. – 12. Jh.)

Ella Magdalena Hetzel
Craftwork in Roman Cologne – An Analysis and Detailed Overview of the Flourishing Small Businesses at the Urban Economic Site of CCAA

Judith Jordan
Women’s jewellery in change – the use of garnet in the Rhineland from the 6th to the 7th century AD.

Kyriakos Kyrousis
Hellenistic Foundations and their Economic Impact on a Local and Regional Scale: New Communities in Asia Minor in the 3rd and 2nd century B.C..

Aris Legowski
The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead as an Economic Factor within the Redistribution Complex of Divine Temples

Axel Miß
Spaces for sale and trade in the Greek polis from 8th– 4th century B.C.“ (working title)

Roman Palkoska
Die Ressource Holz während der Antike unter besonderer Berücksichtigung natürlicher Standortfaktoren

Luigi Pinchetti
Exploring connectivities in Southern Italy between the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Church (AD 0-1000)

Lena Tambs
Socio-Economic Relations in Ptolemaic Pathyris: A Network Analytical Approach to a Bilingual Community
Erik Timmerman 
The Economic Development of the Northern Frontier Provinces of the Roman Empire (1st Century BCE – 5th Century CE).

Ulf-Henning Willée
Haus und Familie im Hellenismus (Arbeitstitel)



PhD Students 2013-2019


Henrike Backhaus
Economic Structures and Processes in Early Bronze Age City-States. A Household-Centered Perspective.

Michael Drechsler
Economic aspects of city fortification of the gallic-roman Metropolis and late roman Emperor’s residence (Colonia) Augusta Treverorum/Trier in today’s Germany

Marthe Gundelach
Die Menge an verarbeitetem Getreide im Neolithikum Mitteleuropas   im Vergleich an­hand von Mahlsteinen

Zakariya N. Na’imat
The Economic Role of the Umayyad Qusur

Dean Peeters
Shaping regionality in complex economic systems. Late Hellenistic – Late Roman pottery production, distribution and consumption in Boeotia, Central Greece (150 BCE – 700 CE).


Cathalin Recko
Comparative analysis of labour and material requirements for Pompeii’s public buildings


Rabea Reimann
Gebrauchs- und Kochkeramik aus Bubastis / Tell Basta: Forschungen zur Wirtschaftsarchäologie im Nildelta anhand der Keramik vom 1. Jahrtausend v. Chr. bis zum 4. Jh. n. Chr.


Michaela Reinfeld
Seafaring and trade off the coast of Kaş based on selected wreck finds

Fabian Richter
Pamphylian Coin Hoards as Indicators of Economic Interrelations during the Hellenistic Period

Julia Weidemüller
Dendroarchaeological investigations of early medieval settlements in the Munich gravel plain and the lower Isar valley

Christian Weigel
Hauswirtschaft und Familie im antiken Roman

Franziska Weise
Heilung und ihr Preis – Ökonomie der Asklepios-Heiligtümer

Tomáš Zachar
The western Carpathian Mountains as peripheral Economies in long-term perspectiv


Completed dissertations

Cora Gäbel
The Divine as a Resource: Commodification of Religious Values During Nabakalebara and Ratha Yatra (Puri, Odisha) 

Tobias Gutmann
Modes of acquisition of resources in Egypt


Robinson Krämer
Etruskische Heiligtümer des 8.–5. Jhs. v. Chr. als Wirtschaftsräume und Konsumptionsorte von Keramik

Christian Mader
Verticality in the Andes – the economic model of the Paracas society (800 to 200 BC) in southern Peru

Svenja Carolin Neumann
In Between Cultures: Find Contexts, Iconography and Functions of Nolan Amphorae


Katerina Ragkou
Eastern Mediterranean Economic Networks in the Age of the Crusades: The Archaeology of Cyprus and Peloponnese in a Comparative Perspective


Susanne Reichert
Studies on handicraft and trade in the old Mongolian capital Karakorum

Max Ritter
Economic aspects of Pilgrimage in Byzantium


Anne Segbers
Pottery in Magna Graecia

Heinz Sperling
Analysis of Production-Process-Chains in historic iron, brick and amphorae production

Gregor Utz
Port cities as trans-shipment nodes. Archaeological research at port cities of the western and central Mediterranean at the footbridge to Late Antiquity

Arne Windler
Gift, redistribution and market. Modes of prehistoric exchange