PhD students
The Research Training Group is offering 16 PhD positions (8 at the University of Cologne, 8 at the University of Bonn) for a maximum duration time of 36 months in the research field “Archaeology of Pre-Modern Economies”. Two more posts are financed by the Universities. Furthermore there are additional PhD students, who are participating as associated members in the Research Training Group.

The Research Training Group employs three post-docs. Each working on own projects within one of the lines of research. They are working closely with the PhD students. The post-docs give additional impetus and general support with their specific expertise. They are participating actively in the organization of workshops, colloquia etc.

The coordinator act as interface between PhD students, academic supervisors, speakers and advisory board. She is supporting the speakers in all administrative and organizational matters.

The Research Training Group was applied by members of the ‘Society of Archaeological Institutes in Cologne and Bonn’ (VarI). Those professors undertake the support of the PhD projects. Each student is supervised by one professor of the University of Cologne and one of the University of Bonn.

The participating academics have chosen two speakers from their own circle, one for Cologne and one for Bonn, who represent the Research Training Group outwardly. In consultation with the advisory board the speakers are in charge for the ongoing activities.

Every semester a senior Mercator Fellow is invited to share his expertise and knowledge with the Research Training Group over three month.

Advisory Board
The Research Training Group has chosen an external advisory board. The members are meeting once a year, evaluating the work of the Research Training Group.