Workshop in Morocco

Report on the workshop in Fès

Between the 28th of March and the 2nd of April the Research Training Group “Archaeology of Pre-Modern Economies” organized a workshop in the region of Fès (Morocco). The Medina, in particular, with its history that spans more than 1200 years and with partial medieval structures provided a unique insight into the function of urban economies. For this reason, the city was examined with the help of selected literature and with focus on two major aspects: i) its division into different quarters, namely the production, religious, administrative centres and markets (suq), as well as ii) the most selected manufacturing processes (tannery, pottery, weaving) and economic systems (public goods – waqf). A special accent was put on the mechanisms of the different steps of production of the typical leather-slippers of Fès. Here the intermediate goods (fur, leather, shoes) are distributed and sold on special markets called dallal. The study of these processes offered us the opportunity to raise the researchers’ awareness of the complexity of production and its manifold models of productivity.

Besides we got the chance, on a one-day trip to the ancient city of Volubilis, to study the interaction between a city and its surroundings using the example of olive-oil production in a roman settlement. Additionally, the distribution of oil-presses inside the different quarters stimulated the discussion about the consequences of particular forms of organisation of work and the processes of production.

Closed meeting of the RTG will be held in Fes, Marokko.

  • Date/Time: 28/03/2014 - 02/04/2014, All Day