Modes of acquisition of resources in Egypt

→ Tobias Gutmann

When we talk about economy in Ancient Egypt, we usually refer to textual sources. Up to now no scholar has tried a systematic comparison with archaeological and spatial analysis. To gain a complete image and create a model of the Egyptian economy, however, it is necessary to combine all the information in a combined detailed study. The aim of this project is to compare different resources used in Ancient Egypt – those to be found in Egypt itself as well as those which were imported from foreign countries – dealing with several factors. First the ideal value of the material shown by their appearance in offering lists and archaeological finds. Second, the accessibility, which shows where one can find particular material in the known territories and which places can be reached out of Egypt by several means of control and exploitation. Third, the logistic, copes with the input in material, people etc. that one needs to invest in order to obtain resources and benefits from it. The last two aspects will be evaluated using geographic information systems. Finally, the social background referring to the living conditions of state employees during the acquisition and handling of the materials, and the status (titles, position, duties) of the people participating on these missions. The major goal of the dissertation is to get an overview over the differences and similarities of obtaining these resources for Egypt and to create a model of investment and benefit in ancient Egyptian economy.


Supervisors: Prof. Dr. R. Bußmann,  Prof. Dr. A. Zimmermann