Settlement centres and environs

Research Line B focuses on economic development of settlements and their immediate environs in order to place economic activities in relation to civic and community institutions and in order to interpret economic development in association with wider patterns of settlement structure and urbanism.  These projects investigate a multiplicity of economic sectors and actors within the cycles of production, distribution, and consumption, while broaching a wide range of production organizations and industries.  Employing comparative analytical methods and theoretical approaches, the projects of Research Line B are ideally suited for diachronic, intercultural, and interdisciplinary comparisons.

Analysis of Production-Process-Chains in historic iron, brick and amphorae production
Heinz Sperling
SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAComparative analysis of labour and material requirements for Pompeii’s public buildings
Cathalin Recko
Craftwork in Roman Cologne – An Analysis and Detailed Overview of the Flourishing Small Businesses at the Urban Economic Site of CCAA
Ella Magdalena Hetzel
Research on the Economic Archaeology in the Nile Delta on the Basis of the Pottery from the 1st millennium BC to the 4th century AD from Bubastis / Tell Basta
Rabea Reimann

Roman Manufacturing and Trade in the Eastern Provinces: A Comparative Spatial Analysis Evaluating Models of ‘Periurban Industrial Quarters’ and ‘Urban Neighborhood Stores’
Dr. Elizabeth A. Murphy

Shaping regionality in complex economic systems. Late Hellenistic – Late Roman pottery production, distribution and consumption in Boeotia, Central Greece (150 BCE – 700 CE).
Dean Peeters
Spaces for Sale and Trade in the Greek Polis from 8th– 4th Century B.C.
Axel Miß
The Manufacture and Distribution of Tiles in Chalkidiki: an Archaeological and Archaeometric Study of the Ceramic Economy in the Archaic and Classical Greek World
Èlena Cuijpers

Former Projects

Dendroarchaeological investigations of early medieval settlements in the Munich gravel plain and the lower Isar valley
Julia Weidemüller
Economic aspects of city fortification of the gallic-roman Metropolis and late roman Emperor’s residence (Colonia) Augusta Treverorum/Trier in today’s Germany
Michael Drechsler
Fortress communities of the 3rd millennium BCE: A socioeconomic analysis of Early Bronze Age defense works in Syro-Mesopotamia
Tobias B. Helms
Grinding stones and simple mills as economic factor of subsistenz economies
Marthe Gundelach
Hauswirtschaft und Familie im antiken Roman
Christian Weigel
Pottery in Magna Graecia
Anne Segbers
Studies on handicraft and trade in the old Mongolian capital Karakorum
Susanne Reichert
The Economic Role of the Umayyad Qusur
Zakariya N. Na’imat