Dr. Giorgos Papantoniou



Curriculum Vitae

2015 – bis jetzt Institut für Archäologie und Kulturanthropologie, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Post-Doc Stipendiat im Graduiertenkolleg Archäologie vormoderner Wirtschaftsräume (Forschungsachse Sakrale Institutionen/Haushalte als Wirtschaftseinheiten)
2011 – 2015 Department of Classics, Trinity College Dublin/ Laboratory of Geophysical – Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeo-environment, Rethymnon-Crete, Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas (F.O.R.T.H.), Institute for Mediterranean Studies (I.M.S.)
Irish Research Council-CARA, Government of Ireland/Marie Curie Postdoc-Stipendiat
2011 Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus
2009 – 2010 Department of Classics, Trinity College Dublin
Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS) Government of Ireland Postdoc-Stipendiat
2008 Department of Antiquities, Republic of Cyprus
Archaeological Officer – short-term contract (Co-director of the Limassol-Palia Astynomia Archaeological Project)
 2007 – 2008 Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus
Stipendiat ‘Apollonios’ project (‘INTERREG IIIA Greece-Cyprus: Joint Educational and Research Programmes Greece-Cyprus in the History and Archaeology of Medicine, Palaeopathology and Palaeoradiation’)
2003 – 2008 University of Dublin, Trinity College
Ph.D. in Classics (Classical Archeology)
 1999 – 2003 University of Cyprus
B.A. in History and Archaeology


  • Antikes Zypern
  • Mittelmeer-Archäologie
  • Archäologische Theorie und Methoden
  • Landschaftsarchäologie
  • Archäologie von Ritualen und Religionen
  • Antike Kunst, Ikonografie und Studien der Objekte (Mit Schwerpunkt auf Skulpturen und Figuren aus Terracotta)
  • Hellenistische Porträts und Imageform von Hellenistischen Herrschern

Publikationen (Auswahl)


  • Papantoniou, G. 2012. Religion and Social Transformations in Cyprus. From the Cypriot Basileis to the Hellenistic Strategos. Mnemosyne Supplements 347. Leiden: Brill.


  • Papantoniou, G., Michaelides, D. and M. Dikomitou-Eliadou. Eds. In progress. Hellenistic and Roman Terracottas. (to be submitted to Leiden: Brill for review).
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  • Papantoniou, G. forthcoming. “Ritual, Cult and Iconography in Context: The Transplantation of Late Cypriot ‘Archetypes’ into the Iron Age”. In Materiality and Visibility of Rituals in the Ancient World, edited by I. Mylonopoulos. Berlin: DeGruyter.
  • Morris, C.E., and G. Papantoniou, G. 2014. “Cypriot-born Aphrodite. The Social Biography of a Modern Cultural Icon“. In Il trono variopinto. Figure e forme della dea dell’amore, Hellenica. Testi e strumenta di letteratura greca antica, mediavale e umanistica 55, edited by L. Bombardieri, T. Braccini, and. S Romani, 183-202. Torino: Edizioni Universitarie dell’Orso.
  • Michaelides, D., G. Papantoniou, and M. Dikomitou-Eliadou. 2014. “Moulding Expressions of Culture: The Terracotta Figurines from the House of Orpheus in Nea Paphos”. In The A.G. Leventis Foundation Research Projects, edited by A. Gagatsis, 75-91. Nicosia: The University of Cyprus.
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Online Publikationen

  • Papantoniou, G. 2015. “From the Cypriot Basileis to the Hellenistic Strategos: The Archaeological Evidence”. In Kyprios Character: History, Archaeology and Numismatics of Ancient Cyprus, the website of the research project Aristeia II- SilCoinCy.



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  • Papantoniou, G. 2011. Review of La coroplastie chypriote archaïque. Identités culturelles et politiques à l’époque des royaumes, by S. Fourrier. Babesch: Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology 86: 226-8.

Artikel aus Konferenzbroschüren

  • Papantoniou, G., N. Kyriakou, A. Sarris, and M. Iacovou. 2015. “Sacred Topography in Iron Age Cyprus: The Case of Vavla-Kapsalaes”. In Archaeological Research in the Digital Age Proceedings of the 1st Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Greek Chapter (CAA-GR) Rethymno, Crete, 6-8 March 2014, edited by C. Papadopoulos, E. Paliou, A. Chrysanthi, E. Kotoula, and A. Sarris., 70-75. Rethymno: Institute for Mediterranean Studies.
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