Zakariya N. Na’imat

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Curriculum Vitae

since 2013 PhD-student of the reseach training group „Archaeology of pre-modern economies“
since 2005
field supervisor of the Mu’tah University excavations at Shuqayra al-Gharbiyya, in west-central Jordan
2005 – 2013
full-time researcher and instructor at Mu’tah University
2004 – 2005 part-time research assistant at Yarmouk University
MA in the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East at Yarmouk University
BA in Archaeology at Mu’tah University


  • archaeological theory
  • ceramic studies
  • oslamic-period archaeology
  • settlement patterns
  • field archaeology


  • Shuqayra al-Gharbiyya: an Early Islamic Elite Community in Central Jordan. al- Al-`Usur al-Wusta: The Bulletin of Middle East Medievalists, Vol.21, Nos 1&2 April 2009 Pp. 8-13. Appeared in October 2012
  • Shuqayra al-Gharbiyya: an Early Islamic Compound on the Karak plateau. Near Eastern Archaeology, Vol. 71.3. Pp. 185-188. 2008.
  • Mu’tah University Excavations at Shuqayra al-Gharbiyya; Preliminary Report on the 2005 Season. Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan. Vol. 50. Pp. 205-216. (co-author). 2005.
  • Early Bronze Age I Mortuary “Cities” in the Southern Ghors of Jordan. Pp 7-8 in ACOR Newsletter. Vol.13.2-3 Winter 2001.


The Economic Role of the Umayyad Qusur

Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Bethany Walker, Prof. Dr. Claudia Sode