Dean Peeters

E-Mail:  dean.peeters(at)

Telefon: +49 (0)221-470-1397

Dienstsitz: Archäologisches Institut Köln, Kerpener Str. 30, Raum 102

Postanschrift: Universität zu Köln, Archäologisches Institut, Graduiertenkolleg 1878, Albertus-Magnus-Platz, D-50923 Köln



Curriculum Vitae


Since 2015 PhD-student within Research Training Group 1878 ‘Archaeology of Pre-Modern Economies’, University of Cologne. Working title: ‘Shaping regionality in complex economic systems. Late Hellenistic – Late Roman pottery production, distribution and consumption in Boeotia, Central Greece (150 BCE – 700 CE)’
2012-2014 Master of Arts: Research Master Track ‘Town and Country in the Mediterranean and Near East’, Leiden University. Thesis: ‘From Ceramics to Interpretation. Early Roman Imperial to Late Roman Tanagra and its Hinterland’
2009-2012 Bachelor of Arts: ‘Archaeology of the Mediterranean, Near East and Computer Applications in Archaeology’, Leiden University. Thesis: ‘African Red Slip Ware. Indicator of Economic Activity in Roman Boeotia’ (in Dutch)

Archaeological Projects and Internships

2013 – present Macroscopical analysis of Late Hellenistic-Late Roman ceramics from Hyettos, Valley of the Muses and Tanagra, ‘Ancient Cities of Boeotia Project’ (Greece)
2014 Macroscopical analysis of Prehistoric-Modern ceramics from the Jebel Qurma region, ‘Jebel Qurma Archaeological Landscape Project’ (Jordan)
2013 Macroscopical analysis of Late Hellenistic-Late Roman ceramics from Sagalassos, ‘Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project’ (Turkey)
2012 Fieldschool ‘Material and Materiality – Post-fieldwork-processing of archaeological finds’ (Greece)
2011 Internship ‘Convent van Gemeentelijke Archaeologen’ (the Netherlands)
2011 Trainee ‘Ancient Cities of Boeotia Project’ (Greece)
2010 Fieldschool ‘Excavation Oegstgeest’ (the Netherlands)

Research interests

  • Archaeological Theory
  • Roman-Late Roman Archaeology
  • Roman-Late Roman Pottery
  • Regional Archaeology
  • Landscape Archaeology
  • Economic Archaeology
  • Methods of Quantification
  • Historical Geography


  • Peeters, D., P. Bes, Poblome, J.W. Hayes and J.L. Bintliff, in press. Making Use of Time and Space – Using African Red Slip Ware as an indicator of economic activity in Mid- and Late Roman Thespiae and Tanagra, in J. Hilditch, A. Kotsonas, C. Beestman-Kruijshaar, M. Revello-Lami, S. Ruckl and S. Ximeri (eds.), Island, Mainland, Coastland and Hinterland: ceramic perspectives on connectivity in the ancient Mediterranean. Proceedings of the conference held at the University of Amsterdam. 1-3 February 2013. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
  • Peeters, D., 2016. ‘Same same but different’ – An introductory statement on approaching the Late Hellenistic-Late Roman (150 BCE – 700 CE) economies of Boeotia at the intra-regional level through ceramic production, distribution and consumption. A review and bibliography of Boiotian studies 46(1), 11-18.
  • Peeters, D., R. Nieuwenkamp, M.B. Langbroek and J.C. Vlaskamp, 2015. Editorial Statement. ‘Publish or Perish’?: Presenting the work of junior archaeological researchers to a broader audience. INTER-SECTION. Innovative Approaches by Junior Archaeological Researchers 1, 4-5.
  • Peeters, D., 2015. From Sherds to Functional Assemblages. Funtional zoning and the collected Late Roman ceramics on the surface of Tanagra, in Y. Boswinkel, A. Meens, S. Tews and S. Vroegop (eds.), A Theoretical Approach to Ancient Housing. Graduate School workshop, 24/25 April 2014. Leiden: Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University, 61-68.

Dissertation Project

Gestaltgebende Regionalität in komplexen ökonomischen Systemen. Produktion, Distribution und Konsum späthellenistischer bis spätrömischer Keramik in Böotien, Zentralgriechenland (150 v. Chr. bis 700 n. Chr.)

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Michael Heinzelmann, Prof. Dr. Martin Bentz, Prof. Dr. John Bintliff