Contributions to Economic Archaeology (Beiträge zur Wirtschaftsarchäologie)

Due to a very positive experience based on the Mercator seminars, emerged the idea of a publication series called “Contributions to Economic Archaeology”, in which the fellows are able to present the current topic of their seminars series in a consolidated way. 


Elio Lo Cascio. Die nur Wirtschaftsgeschichte des Römischen Reiches 
publisher: Martin Bentz, Michael Heinzelmann
2017 Habelt-Verlag, Bonn
ISBN 978-3-7749-4076-5




Timothy Earle. An Essay on Political Economies in Prehistory. 
publisher: Martin Bentz, Michael Heinzelmann
2017 Habelt-Verlag, Bonn
ISBN 978-3-7749-4115-1



Studies on Economic Archeology (Studien zur Wirtschaftsarchäologie)

The large-sized series “Studies on Economic Archeology” serves as publication of the comprehensive conferences which are organized by the Research Training Group. It should also be available to the PhD students as a place for publication after the completion of their dissertations.  The publication of the colloquium “Craft production systems in a cross-cultural perspective” is currently in press; the publication for the workshop “Digging a vertex, finding the edges. Approaches to Social Network Analysis in Archaeology” is in preparation as well as the dissertation of A. Segbers called “Pottery Craft in Magna Graecia”.