Dr. Tymon C. A. De Haas (Spokesperson 17/18) 
The economic geography of Roman Italy: investigating economic integration through archaeological proxies

Dr. Elizabeth A. Murphy

Roman Manufacturing and Trade in the Eastern Provinces: A Comparative Spatial Analysis Evaluating Models of ‘Periurban Industrial Quarters’ and ‘Urban Neighborhood Stores’

Dr. Giorgos Papantoniou
Unlocking Sacred Landscapes: Cypriot Sanctuaries as Economic Unit



Former Postdocs

Dr. Tobias B. H. Helms
Fortress communities of the 3rd millennium BCE: A socioeconomic analysis of Early Bronze Age defense works in Syro-Mesopotamia

Dr. Tim Kerig
Simple and complex economies – Studies in the prehistory of labour (Neolithic temperate Europe)

Dr. Silviane Scharl (associated member)
Studies on diffusion processes

Dr. Alexander Schütze
Wirtschaftsmentalitäten in Ägypten und Babylonien des ersten Jahrtausends v. Chr.